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Professional Coaching, Nonviolent and Intercultural Communication in English

Karine Audeguy offers systemic and hypnosystemic, intercultural and transformational coaching as well as mediation and training in nonviolent collunication in English. She often works with expats, who after their arrival in a new country feel overwhelmed and often exhausted. Often, the question is how to find their energy and full motivation again. Other clients are going through a transition phase, often feeling tired or demotivated. In her work she is supporting clients for...

  • Gaining confidence,
  • A better management of their feelings,
  • Reducing suffering at work,
  • Shining with honesty at their workplace, in their life,
  • Having an interesting work and fun for better effectiveness,
  • Opening themselves to others, accepting others with their differences,
  • Succeeding their career change, their job development, etc…
  • Playing win-win with their employees: trust, motivation, creating value, connection,
  • Creating an environment without judgement; with trust, transparency and honesty,
  • Contributing and being an actor of an effervescent atmosphere; i.e. lively, creative and positive,
  • Reaching concrete operational results,
  • Having time effective meeting with their collegues,
  • Taking sustainable decisions in short, medium and especially long terms, etc…

She says: "What thrives me the most, is to contribute to others with presence and without judgement." You will find videos from an interview with her down below!

Stefan Hammel offers systemic coaching and therapy, children's therapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy and mental training. He has learned systemic counseling at the "Internationale Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie" (IGST) and the "Helm-Stierlin-Institut" (hsi) in Heidelberg which count to the most renowned systemic institutes worldwide. These institutes have been credited with having played a major role in the development of the systemic counseling concept. Stefan Hammel was trained in hypnotherapy (therapy on the basis of hypnosis knowledge) at the "Milton-Erickson-Institut" in Rottweil. The techniques of Milton Erickson, who was a medical doctor in Phoenix, Arizona, are broadly seen as revolutionary for short term therapy. The "Milton-Erickson-Institut" in Rottweil belongs to the most renowned institutes of medical hypnosis in Germany. Stefan Hammel is leading the "Institut für Hypno-Systemische Beratung" (hsb) in Kaiserslautern. He is a instructor for worldwide known institutes such as the "Internationale Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie" (IGST) and the "Milton-Erickson-Institut" in Heidelberg. He is also the author of books like the "Handbook of therapeutic Storytelling" and the "Handbook of therapeutic Utilisation" which have been published by one of the most renowned German editors for books on psychotherapy subjects (Klett-Cotta).

Systemic therapy is a method which is broadly used for family  therapy and for therapy with couples, but it is also very effective in treating problems of individual persons. It is short term therapy, meaning that it is designed to solve problems as quickly and thoroughly as possible. In most cases, the therapy would last between two and ten one hour sessions. Systemic counseling is focused on resources (not deficiencies), on relations (not so much on individuals), on solutions (not primarily on problems), and on the future (and less much on the past).

Systemic coaching has been developed when it was recognized that the systemic methods are also highly effective in professional working contexts. It is used for optimizing teamwork, solving conflicts, defining aims or priorities of a team or company, designing change processes and finding standards for professional communication and securing quality.

Hypnotherapy does not always imply using hypnosis in the sense of a deep trance. It can also mean using the knowledge of hypnosis so as to inspire the unconscious to find new solutions during a time of storytelling or in what seems an everyday conversation. In cases when deep trance is used, the process is designed so that it will be a strenghthening and relaxing experience. Hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson implies the expectation that the client already bears in himself any needed resource for a solution / healing. It means to widen the spectrum of the client's possibilities in thinking as well as in his actions.

Hypno-Systemic Therapy is a combination of Systemic Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with a clear focus on the objectives and ressources of the client. The knowledge and skills taken from Hypnotherapy are usually applied in an "awake" state.

Mental training means using techniques related to hypnosis in professional contexts as in preparations for an exam, in aesthetic refinement, in sports or in the management of a company. Mental training according to the methods of Milton Erickson is a concept based on images and thoughts giving the known situation a new sense (reframing technique), thus provoking surprising mental and practical consequences.

Therapy with children and adolescents is done with methods taken from family therapy and children's hypnotherapy. This form of therapy implies playing, "chatting" about everyday experiences and storytelling. It is essential that therapy be interesting for childrean and young people, which means that there be a lot of fun and action.

For more information on systemic counseling, on hypnotherapy and mental training, or on Karine Audeguy's and Stefan Hammel's work, please click here to send an email.